The following is a list of accepted minisymposia.

  1.  A posteriori error estimation and adaptivity (C. Kreuzer, I. Smears)
  2.  Algorithmic challenges in PDE-constrained optimization (S. Götschel, M. Siebenborn)
  3.  Analysis, stability, and sensitivity of optimal control problems (I. Neitzel, D. Wachsmuth)
  4.  Control and optimization for PDE-based models and applications (M. Gugat, F. Tröltzsch)
  5.  Feedback control of nonlinear systems (T. Breiten, L. Pfeiffer)
  6.  Honoring the work of Igor Chueshov (I. Lasiecka, J. Webster)
  7.  Inverse problems and optimal control approaches in socio-economic applications (J.-F. Pietschmann, M.-T. Wolfram)
  8.  Inversion, estimation and control of uncertain distributed dynamical systems (S. Avdonin, V. Maksimov)
  9.  Modelling and control in mechanical and biomedical systems (N. Botkin, V. Turova)
  10.  Modeling and optimization of networked systems (A. Festa, S. Göttlich, S. Knapp)
  11.  New trends in variational and Lavrentiev regularization for ill-posed problems (B. Hofmann, R. Plato)
  12.  Numerical analysis of PDE constrained optimal control (W. Gong, B. Jin, B. Li)
  13.  Optimal experimental design (R. Herzog, E. Kostina)
  14.  Optimal transport and applications (B. Schmitzer, B. Wirth)
  15.  Qualitative analysis and control theoretic properties of evolutionary partial differential equations (G. Avalos, P.G. Geredeli)
  16.  Selected aspects of modelling thermally induced damage and fracture (F. Bertrand, C. Birk)
  17.  Shape optimization: theory and practice (A. Paganini, K. Sturm)
  18.  Statistical and variational methods for inverse problems (C. Brune, M. Schlottbom)
  19.  Stochastic modeling and control (L. Stettner)
  20.  Theory and numerics for optimal control problems with PDEs (A. Kröner, M. Winkler)
  21.  Time-dependent inverse problems (B. Kaltenbacher, A. Wald)
  22.  Variational inequalities and nonsmooth PDE-constrained optimization (L. Betz, C. Christof)